We created The Handover to bring Alexandria a fun and dynamic place to eat that is easily integrated with a variety of lifestyles.  Our food is served in a bright and minimalist atmosphere designed to showcase the freshness of our food and make it the center of our guests’ experience.  

Temaki, or hand rolls, are assembled by our chefs and handed over directly across the long, skinny, bamboo bar. This allows guests to enjoy each roll at the moment of its creation, when the nori is still crispy and the fillings are in perfect balance. Having only 14 seats along the bar allows our team to focus on creating the best experience for each guest.

Quick, casual, and healthy temaki filled with the freshest catch placed on the finest rice pillow and wrapped in premium roasted seaweed sheets, can be enjoyed solo or with friends. Either way, our intention is to give every guest small opportunities to savor the present moment.